See How this Man Gives Back in a Unique Way

Mark Bustos Gives Back

The boost of self-confidence you get after having your haircut puts pep in your step and makes you feel like you can take on the world.

This is how Mark Bustos wants everyone to be able to feel, even if they aren’t able to afford one of his haircuts from the ritzy New York City salon he works at, or even afford a haircut in general.

Bustos started his project two years ago when he went to visit the Philippines with his girlfriend. While there, he saw a need for children to receive a haircut. He rented out a barbershop for the day and cut countless children’s hair, putting sparkling smiles on their faces. When Bustos came back to New York City he decided to keep up the good work. Now on his days off, he packs a bag equipped with all the essentials for a clean, sleek haircut: shears, clippers, edgers, a comb, and of course, a styling cape. He wanders through the city looking for those who may be in need of his service. Bustos says that before offering the haircut, he always tells the person, “I’d like to do something nice for you today.”

His good deeds definitely did not go unnoticed, and Bustos has become well known for his efforts. He photographs and posts pictures and stories of the people he helps out on his Instagram profile. He even came up with a campaign called #BeAwesomeToSomebody which promotes practicing random good deeds.

How can you be a part of #BeAwesomeToSomebody? What have you done lately to brighten someone’s day?

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