Woman Picks Up Firefighters’ Tab, What They Do in Return Will Inspire You

Waitress Picks Up Firefighter's Tab

After a young waitress says thank you with a small, but kind, gesture, her recipients return the favor in a huge way.

The story begins when a pair of firefighters, Tim Young and Paul Hullings, who were exhausted after having spent more than 12 hours combating a fire at a warehouse in New Jersey. Looking for a place to refuel, they stopped by a diner in the early hours of the morning and were served by a delightful young woman named Liz Woodward.

Miss Woodward overheard the men speaking about their grueling battle with the fire, and decided to say thank you in her own way. When the men turned over their bill, instead of finding a total they found a thank you note. “Your breakfast is on me today – thank you for all that you do.”

The kind gesture brought tears to the servicemen’s eyes. Young decided to post the thank you note to Facebook, encouraging others to frequent and support the diner.

Young then happened to stumble upon Miss Woodward’s GoFundMe page, where she was raising funds so she could purchase her father a wheelchair accessible van. Her goal was for $17,000, a daunting number.

Young decided to pay-it-forward and return the thoughtful gesture he had received from the waitress. “Turns out, the young lady who gave us a free meal is really the one that could use the help,” he wrote in another post on Facebook.

Young’s post spread like wildfire; people were so inspired by the story that they more than happy to help support her cause. After more than 1,500 people donated, Woodward surpassed her goal by $64,000, with her campaign raising over $81,000.

“This is just one example of how so many people in this world have incredible hearts and they pay it forward so the circle keeps on moving,” she told NBC Today.

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